Townsend Community News March 2018, Bournemouth

Last Updated: New - Thursday, 8th March 2018


Townsend Community Growers - Gardening Workshops

Townsend Community Growers - Gardening Workshops

Townsend Together Team

The next 3Ts meeting (for organisations and resident representatives) is taking place on Wednesday 18 April, 1.30-2.30pm @ Jewell Academy School.

Hospital Incinerator Concerns

We have received several concerns from local residents about the odour from the Hospital Waste Incinerator.

Environmental Health have contacted the Environment Agency regarding the complaints and they have asked that the incidents be reported on their hotline so that they can be investigated.

The telephone number is 0800 807060. Residents must contact the Environment Agency with these details so that they can carry out an investigation into the cause.

Townsend Community Growers - Launch Event

The next Steering Group meeting for the Community Growers Project is taking place on Thursday 15 March, 6.30pm at Townsend Community Centre.


Townsend Community Growers - Launch Event Poster

Townsend Skip and Clean Up Day

Another successful Skip and Clean Up day in Townsend. Thanks to everyone who helped!

Skip and Clean up Day

Townsend Environmental Walk Around

The next Environmental Walk Around will take place on Thursday 15 March, 11am, meeting outside Townsend Community Centre. If you care about your local environment and want to report and make improvements, please join us.

Everyone welcome. Future walkabout - Thursday 19 April.

Teen Challenge - Freedom From Addiction

If you are really fed up with addiction in your own life or someone's you love, we are hear to listen and speak with you about the issues you are facing.

One of our support workers will be happy to meet with you, please call either number to arrange a confidential appointment.

Teen Challenge UK exists to put Hope in reach of every addict.

Freedom from Addiction

Computer Confidence

Want help with that electronic device which is still in its packaging, contact CastlePoint Library…

Computer Confidence at Castlepoint Library