Townsend Community News August 2017, Bournemouth

Last Updated: New - Tuesday, 15th August 2017


Townsend Community Coach Trip to Longleat 2017

Longleat Trip 2017
Longleat Trip 2017
Longleat Trip 2017
Longleat Trip 2017
Longleat Trip 2017
Longleat Trip 2017
Longleat Trip 2017
Longleat Trip 2017
Longleat Trip 2017
Longleat Trip 2017
Longleat Trip 2017
Longleat Trip 2017

Townsend Vegetable Patch

Funding has been secured to start a new vegetable patch in Townsend.

Please join us on Tuesday 12 September, 7-9pm at Townsend Community Centre. Everyone welcome...

Townsend Vegetable Patch Poster

Townsend Boxercise Class

Thursday 17, Thursday 24 and Thursday 31 August, 9-10pm at Townsend Community Centre. £5.00 per class.

More gardening in Townsend

Thanks to funding from the Local Improvement Fund, a passage way in Stone Gardens has received a make-over this weekend. Dave Sheppard has been busy planting which has turned the footpath into a bright and beautiful passageway.

Stone Gardens Makeover

Longleat Community Trip

The latest Townsend community coach trip took place this weekend, we have received some lovely feedback. Thanks to Townsend Community Association for organising and subsidising this trip. What trip would you like to see next?

Blooming Marvellous 2017

A yearly gardening competition for those living in Strouden Park.

See all the gardens who entered this year's competition - Blooming Marvellous Video

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Townsend 'Inspire' Holiday Club

The sports holiday club is based at Townsend Youth Centre, for children aged between 5-10 years old.

The club will run between 8.45-9.15am (registration) - 4.00pm. The ‘Inspire’ holiday club has the remaining sessions left during the school summer holidays: Tuesday 22 August, Thursday 24 August, Tuesday 29 August

Daily fee of £7.50.

CastlePoint Library

Monkey Shape Madness - Thursday 17th August, 2-3pm, Castlepoint Library. Yes, this time next week, join our mischievous monkeys in their quest to learn about 2D and 3D shapes, here at Castlepoint Library, with Explore Learning.

For children aged 5-8 years old. Booking required for this one, so give the library a quick ring 01202 451900, or see staff, to secure your place.

Townsend Environmental Walk Around

Next walkabout taking place on Thursday 14 September, 11am, meeting at Townsend Community Centre.

Townsend Together Team

A reminder that the next 3Ts meeting (for organisations and resident representatives) is taking place on Thursday 21 September, 2-3pm @ Townsend Community Centre.

Townsend 'Waste Not Want Not Project'

'Waste not want not', was the rallying cry of the 40s and 50s when food was rationed and every bit of food was used, nothing was thrown away and families were forced to make the most of the meagre food rations available.

The 'Waste not want not' project will re-visit some of the inexpensive yet nutritional meals produced during and just after the second war when food rationing made families make the most of food which was in short supply.

Every last food item was used in ingenious ways to make items such Dishes such as Lord Woolton Pie, Mock Goose, Corn Beef Hash and Tatty Pot but we probably miss out Whale-meat burgers and Sheep's Head broth.

The project will demonstrate how the national diet was much better than today in times when food is plentiful and many younger families often throw 30% of our food away, was not possible on a ration of 2oz of butter and 3 eggs a week.

There are three more workshops taking place in August, if you are interested and would like more information please email

New '2 Hour' parking restrictions

Just a reminder that the '2 hour' parking restrictions are now in operation in the car park in front of the One Stop Shop / School.